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Creativity, Yoga and Wellness  Workshops with Maya Pagan.

Bring an event to your space to celebrate and enhance community.

Contact Maya for availability. 

In this warm and encouraging workshop you’ll gain all of the tools necessary to begin  and sustain your own practice, starting with an introduction to all of the benefits of  regular meditation. You’ll then be led through gentle asana with breath work to prepare your body and mind for several guided meditation practices that you can bring home with you. You’ll leave calm, centered and filled with ideas on how to create time and space for this important ritual of well-being.

Learn to integrate movement into your creativity and creativity into your movement! Flow through a dynamic mandala sequence on your mat to release and prepare your fluid nature to pour out onto paper. You’ll be guided through a spiraling yoga flow to get your juices warmed up for creating mini mandala watercolor paintings. These can be used for art, gifts or the beginning of your very own handmade oracle deck. A mandala is a circular symbol in Hindu and Buddhism that represents the universe, wholeness, and infinity. The act of making small ones is a wonderful form of meditation without any prior art skills necessary. 

Unplug, disconnect and recharge your heart, head and body in the midst of the busy holidays. Our world seems to be spinning faster as technology changes our workload and influences our free time. This two hour restorative workshop will follow a gentle a series of movement (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and longer held restorative poses to unwind your tightly wound muscles and set your busy mind free. Healing begins from a place of deep relaxation. Give yourself this gift. 

Come celebrate the art of giving meaningful gifts. Learn how to create several heartfelt projects that incorporate spirit, beauty and usefulness. We will be making Wisdom Candles, Lavender Amulets, and Words that Grow. Maya is the author of Hope, Make, Heal 20 Crafts to Mend the Heart. She’ll weave together mindfulness and creativity to create an inspiring afternoon filled with new crafty skills for your toolbox! 

Bring Your Girl to Spa Yoga 

Gather with your daughter, niece, cousin, sister, friend or neighbor who's between 10-18 years old for a 1-hour spa and yoga class! You will get an introduction to mindfulness, followed by a simple and fun yoga flow. Then you and your girl will relax into a restorative & comfy pose for a mini facial using the recipes from Home Spa Lab! This is a great way to share yoga & self-care with a special girl in your life.



Moving in Mandalas at Fine Spirit Studio on Saturday 1/4/20